7 Jun 2016

BMW 2016 6 Series Gran Coupe

Hi all thanks for checking back in. At the moment the household is awash with dust, cardboard boxes, furniture stored in living rooms and bedrooms. We are currently renovating our humble abode in preparation for our newest addition to the Offiong clan. 

That being said I did have time to review and drive the new 2016 BMW 6 series Gran Coupe. Now I'm not claiming to be the next Jeremy Clarkson, Chris Evans or Matt Le Blanc (I love the new Top Gear, F the haters) but I do love me some fast cars and this was no exception. The motor can achieve 0-60mph in 4.3 seconds, has five driving modes that provide the driver with a different driving experience, which ranges from the most efficient but less exciting, ECO PRO, to COMFORT+, COMFORT, SPORT, and finally, SPORT+. What i liked most was that the speedometer is conveniently placed in the windscreen, seeming to hover in mid air as if in the road in front of you. The ride was awesome, comfortable and Uber stylish. Prices start at a measly £59,435.00. I've started saving those pennies already. All kidding aside it's a truly fantastic piece of German engineering, worth every Pound, Dollar, Euro, Yen, Nira, gold chocolate coins. 

Big thanks and shout out to the great guys over at BMW Tyneside for the chance to drive such a great motor. 



  1. I am a big BMW fan which is a good job as my other half loves them! They're so comfortable inside as everything seems to be designed with the drivers comfort in mind. Plus you can make your BMW unique to to you with all the options they have available!

    Emma | HarmonyBlaze.co.uk

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