13 May 2016

How to use Visualisation to create a better life.

Hi all, welcome back. So for a while I've wanted to talk about this journey I'm currently on and how having a positive outlook on life can really help you in pushing forward, setting and achieving goals.

After my football career came to an end I was at a complete crossroads, not knowing which way my working life was going. What am I going to do to provide for my family? where am I going to live? What is going to fill the void of no longer playing football? It had been my everything, my total dedication, my reason for living since the age of 14.

Firstly I decided to list everything I was truly grateful for. My family, friends, clothes on my back, food on the table and the ability to self educate. Education is a privilege, not necessarily academic education but being able to self educate yourself in every aspect of your life. If you struggle to communicate properly you can teach yourself ways and methods to improve communication skills. If you want to get a healthier/leaner body you can teach and train to get the body you desire. Never take education for granted because there are so many in this world unable to do so.

Secondly I began visualising the life I wanted to have down to every last minute detail. The car, the house, my family, job satisfaction, financial and my relationships with friends and family. Now whether you believe me when I say this is here nor there but for the past 2/3 years everything has began to fall into place. That's not to say everything is perfect because true perfection in my opinion does not exist but the pursuit and journey to perfection is what truly matters. Thinking positive during tough times can be tough but it does help. Little tricks that help me shift my sometimes negative energy to positive can be listening to my favourite music, going for a run, watch a good movie, playing with the family etc. Whatever works for you that acts as a trigger to improve your mood remember them, keep them in your virtual pocket and bring them out if and when needed.

The reason why I wanted to mention the importance of visualisation is for what started out as a hobby is becoming something that is bearing fruit. My blog is just over a year old, I visualised what and where I wanted to be and go with it in the future. I'm now working with major brands like NEXT, Ted Baker, Superdry, ASOS and BMW. If you had said this to me when I started I would have laughed in your face. Positive thinking and having the correct mindset works.

In today's looked I teamed up with ASOS to create a look to match a certain colour scheme theme. also I was given the chance to drive and review the new BMW 640 Gran Coupe. (full details and review in another post). Bomber Jacket, Shirt, Jeans and boots are all available at www.asos.com

That's all for now, until next time.....



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