5 Mar 2016

Hand Dyed Shoe Company

Hi all welcome back. It's been a while since I've uploaded a blog post up on here but things have really been moving at 100 mph it seems at the moment.
If you didn't know already me and Carly are expecting our second child. Very exciting times ahead, so work, tending to a pregnant women and preparing for our new arrival has taken centre stage for the time being.

Every now and then I like to feature brands and company's I think are worth talking about, not for any personal gain but to give an extra bit of promotion because what I think they do or produce is awesome. Today I will be featuring 'The Hand Dyed Shoe Company'. It was 'borne' out of a true love for creative fashion. They discover inspiration from everywhere, whether that be from trawling through charity shops, redesigning trends, sourcing that innovative knit from vintage stores, or the beauty and tranquillity of working not in a studio or office but surrounded by the great outdoors.

Founder and owner Simon Bourne's professional background is in the furniture industry and the wonderful world of hand-dyed leather. He followed his dream of owning my own company not knowing how could he create something as special as the beautiful leather furniture he was so in love with?

He merged his artisan skills with his love of fashion. This in turn lead him to create beautiful shoes for you, the discerning gentleman. The shoes are made using the same raw leathers that we're used to make furniture, hand-dying them exactly to your taste.

That's all for today, until next time.......


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