26 Mar 2016

Family fun time

Hi all welcome back, been a funny few days for the household. Before finding out the gender of our 2nd child, me and the wifey decided to test out a few old wives tales to try and predict our baby's gender. One of the tests involves me urinating into a plastic cup. You can catch the full video here .
We also filmed Andre finding out whether he's having a baby brother or sister here.

This is a truly special time for me and my ever growing family, we're so happy and want to say a massive thank you for all the feedback we've been getting on our videos, huge thanks once again for your kind words and well wishes.

That's all for the moment. Until next time.......

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  1. Hey congratulations dear!! I am so happy for you. Last year I also blessed with baby boy and we gave party at one of best seattle venues. Every guest just loved arrangements. Especially food was really delicious. Thanks for sharing your experience here.


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