16 Nov 2015

Keep calm and Carry on. | Swade Fashions

Morning all. Writing this blog post has been really hard. At the time 15/11/15 many people globally are in a state of mourning. I do offer my deepest condolences for anyone caught up in conflict wherever it may be. I haven't came on here to give a political rant about why and how such tragedies occur, ( I do enough of that on twitter ) I simply offer my solidarity to the innocent people affected.

So in today's look I'm wearing another item from the menswear fashion brand Swade. I recently styled an item from their collection in my Autumn Swade post, which I had great positive feedback on.  I like adding an occasional floral print to brighten up any outfit, I think this combo goes quite well together, something I intend to do more often in the future.

Well that's your lot today. Remember whatever the circumstance do as this blog post title says. ' Keep Calm an Carry On'.


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