28 Nov 2015

Holidays are coming. Holidays are coming

Hi all, I don't know about you but I absolutely love Christmas. If you're like me you probably prefer to do your shopping online. I happened to be caught in town centre getting my hair cut on black Friday. The day where people go searching for bargains they may not need or want, I can imagine it may be what the apocalypse will look like. Cant beat a bit of shopping on your sofa in the comfort of your own home wherever that may be.


27 Nov 2015

Double Denim for DML Jeans

Hi all, Must say it's been quite a few weeks for me. I seem to have travelled the length and breadth of the UK and back again on numerous occasions, mostly work related with a bit of pleasure thrown in to. It's quite nice to get back to some normality, well as normal as life can get leading up to Xmas and mine and my son's birthdays on the near horizon. All presents are just about sorted for friends and family so feeling quite organised for once.


26 Nov 2015

Next Blogger Network Event

Welcome back you lovely people. So around this time last week I was on my way to London to attend a bloggers event held at the plush Soho Hotel in central London.


16 Nov 2015

Keep calm and Carry on. | Swade Fashions

Morning all. Writing this blog post has been really hard. At the time 15/11/15 many people globally are in a state of mourning. I do offer my deepest condolences for anyone caught up in conflict wherever it may be. I haven't came on here to give a political rant about why and how such tragedies occur, ( I do enough of that on twitter ) I simply offer my solidarity to the innocent people affected.


10 Nov 2015

Autumn Swade

Hi all, welcome back. Things have been a bit scarce up on here over the past few weeks, I've been working on other projects looking to drop December 1st. So keep your eyes and ears peeled on my social networks for further updates. In today's look I've gone for a smart 60's 'Mad Men' Don Draper inspired ensemble.

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