21 Aug 2015

Suit For The Summer.

Hi all, welcome back, last weekend was spent at the seaside with the wives, girlfriends and kids. Gone are the days where I look forward to gallivanting till the wee hours with my pals, now it's spent lounging, nice cool drink in hand, keeping a close eye on the BBQ and watching the kids play. All in all that's my idea of a perfect weekend, I'm truly blessed.

In today's look I decided to switch it up a bit. For those hot summer days when you still want or need to be smart but also don't want to melt in the sweltering heat how about matching a blazer with a shirt and shorts combo. It's not something I've considered before but I saw someone wearing a very similar outfit and thought he looked awesome. I'll be buying a suit/shorts in the near future and share with the masses the outcome.

Well that's your lot for today, until next time..........


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