11 Aug 2015

Menswear High Street Smarts.

Hi all, Over the past few weeks you would have noticed that I've been rather scarce with the blog updates, for that I apologise but I'm currently working on something I'm incredibly excited about. Can't say anything just yet but all will be revealed next year, so watch this space.

Today's look is short and sweet, its something that you can throw on at a drop of a hat but still remain ultra sharp. The T-Shirt is by one of my fave high street stores Zara, Chino's by Next and loafers by Topman. All items are super crisp, super smart and super affordable. The loafers are something I'm particularly pleased with, bought in the sales for £10. Yes, £10. So comfy and stylish. If they had more in stock I would have but numerous pairs.

Managed to get some great shots taken by my beautiful partner in crime Carly Musleh. and let me know what you think.

That's your lot for today, Until next time......


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