4 Aug 2015

Get Ready With Me | Drake & Hutch

 Morning all, welcome to Friday. The weekend is upon us and no doubt people will be gearing up for a weekend out on the tiles painting the town red, getting ready for date night with their significant others, or taking time out to unwind after a hectic work week. My weekend will be spent going out on Saturday night with my buddies, then listening to the dulcet tones of 80's crooner Billy Ocean at a free concert in my home town on the Sunday. Come on, who doesn't love a bit of Billy Ocean singing about his Caribbean queen and all that jazz?

I was lucky to be approached by the guys over at Drake&Hutch about reviewing their new boxer briefs. Now I regularly get approached to review all types of products, but I'm very selective about the content I put on my site. If I do feature anything on here its because it's something I really believe in. I try to promote positivity in everything that I do, if I don't like something I wont mention it, thus giving my readers only true and genuine feedback, not just promoting any old nonsense based on other potential gains whether that be financial or a like. Integrity is my priority.

Drake & Hutch are a British Luxury brand, based in Manchester (UK) crafting a new approach to men’s underwear by incorporating the world renowned principles of classic British tailoring to produce a fit and feel like no other underwear in the world. I really do love the feel a fit to these briefs, so often with certain briefs they simply don't feel comfortable which certainly isn't the case here. 

Overall its a great product and wish them all the success in the world for the future. I'll certainly make Drake & Hutch part of my routine while getting ready for the weekend in the foreseeable future.

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