21 Aug 2015

Suit For The Summer.

Hi all, welcome back, last weekend was spent at the seaside with the wives, girlfriends and kids. Gone are the days where I look forward to gallivanting till the wee hours with my pals, now it's spent lounging, nice cool drink in hand, keeping a close eye on the BBQ and watching the kids play. All in all that's my idea of a perfect weekend, I'm truly blessed.


18 Aug 2015

Where's our Summer Gone?

Hi all, I’m back once again. But not like a renegade master, simply with another blog post. Looking out of my living room window, the sky is filled with grey with rain falling heavily. Well at least my front lawn and hedges are getting well fed. Silver linings and all that jazz. 


11 Aug 2015

Menswear High Street Smarts.

Hi all, Over the past few weeks you would have noticed that I've been rather scarce with the blog updates, for that I apologise but I'm currently working on something I'm incredibly excited about. Can't say anything just yet but all will be revealed next year, so watch this space.


4 Aug 2015

Pitti Uomo Inspiration

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 Hi all welcome back. What is Pitti Uomo I hear you ask? Well it's the number one and most important platform for men’s clothing and accessory collections in the world, and for launching new projects in men’s fashion, situated in the picturesque setting of Florence Italy.


Get Ready With Me | Drake & Hutch

 Morning all, welcome to Friday. The weekend is upon us and no doubt people will be gearing up for a weekend out on the tiles painting the town red, getting ready for date night with their significant others, or taking time out to unwind after a hectic work week. My weekend will be spent going out on Saturday night with my buddies, then listening to the dulcet tones of 80's crooner Billy Ocean at a free concert in my home town on the Sunday. Come on, who doesn't love a bit of Billy Ocean singing about his Caribbean queen and all that jazz?


Reiss Fashions

Hi welcome back, hope you all had a blinder of a weekend. Mine was spent mostly relaxing with the fam, I managed to go to a football match which is always good, then listened to Billy Ocean perform live in concert with friends and family, all in all mine was a pretty good one.

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