27 May 2015

Date Night


Hello and welcome. Becoming a parent is easily the best thing that ever happened to me, waking up playing with my son, doing the school run, taking him to football practise 3 times a week, break dance classes, Mixed martial arts and gymnastics training alongside making sure homework is done on time may seem like a breeze (Insert sarcasm here) but it's certainly not. With myself and Carly both self employed often working from home till long hours into the night and at the crack of dawn, we seldom rarely get time to enjoy each others company outside of home/work settings, thankfully we do have amazing friends and family quite happy to look after our little boy Andre giving us the alone time we both need and deserve.

The look I went for was both smart and informal. My Hugo Boss suit Jacket paired with Reiss grey trousers provide a good contrast of colours and add to that relaxed smart look I was going for. Mix and matching different suit combo's is something I really enjoy doing and makes sure your ensembles remain fresh losing all sense of predictability. 

Well that's me, Until next time you beautiful lot, Ciao......