30 Mar 2015

My First Runway

Welcome back, so I'm jumping right into it. If you follow me on Instagram (if not why the devil aren't you) you would have saw me post some pictures from a spring fashion show with little old me strutting my stuff up and down the Catwalk. Must say it was loads of fun. Didn't really know what to expect to be honest when I got told after casting that I had been chosen to be in the show, which was probably a good thing meaning I didn't over think things get anxious and worry about mistakes that might not and thankfully not never happened.

The whole experience was great, to meeting the fellow models who were all lovely, the choreographers and the management everyone was so welcoming. Whenever I'm faced with a new challenge or in an environment new to me I try to leave all my preconceptions at the door. I got such a buzz from the crowd watching, the bigger the crowd the better for me, it took me back to my professional football career performing in stadiums full of thousands of fans every week except in this case minus the abusive rival fans, which I had no problem with, comes with the territory I guess.

All in all I had a blast and would like to think I done a pretty good job at it too. (Very modest of me lol). Who knows what this may lead to it could be a one off or the start of a budding modelling career, either way I'm thankful I got the opportunity.

P.S Check the short video from the show at the bottom of the page.

Until next time....