6 Mar 2015

Black Leather Jacket


Hi guys, let me set the scene, I've just finished editing a video for YouTube (The Offiongs) needing to pop out to buy some pretty mundane boring household stuffs, then the sun pops out and anyone living in England let alone the north of England know that such phenomenons are a rarity up here so I whack on my new Black Leather Jacket and away we going taking so fancy pics down by the sea in the freezing sunshine. Don't be fooled by the sun it was still freezing.

I must say I've always been partial to a solid jacket and I'm sure you will see me rocking countless leather jacket looks in the future. The look I went for today was something I'd definitely wear on a night out with the Mrs or with friends. Its not to dressy up but still nice enough to paint the town red in. Bought online from TopMan its a great jacket which wont make you crawl up into the fetal position once you go to check out.

All in all I'm very happy with my purchase and can see me getting my money's worth out of it.

Till next time.......