1 Mar 2015

5 Reasons to Relax

In this fast paced world we live in it's quite easy to get caught up and fully immersed in our work, family life and lost to the virtual reality of social media. God only knows I've worked in the past to the point of exhaustion aiming for the stars with my work suffering as a direct consequence. Although a little stress is good for you providing the impetuous to meet targets  that's why its vitally important to make and take time to recharge the batteries.

I remember working with a sports psychologist in helping me understand how to switch off and to refocus on the tasks at hand. We discussed the importance of relaxation and the many benefits a life of balance can lead to.

Here are 5 of my personal benefits of designated down time:
  1.  Relaxation improves concentration & mood. Encouraging productivity and gets those creative juices flowing.
  2. Relaxation reduces stress. High levels of stress can in many cases lead to high blood pressure, heart attacks and other heart problems.
  3. Relaxation reduces anger and frustration. A positive mindset has many health benefits enabling the body to overcome disease. Also less anger in ones life will always be considered a blessing to you and those around you.
  4. Relaxation increases blood flow to the muscles, in turn helping our well oiled fine machines work to the best of it's capabilities.
  5. Relaxation can help keep you safe from depression. Stress can kill brain blood cells and even prevent the creation of new ones, thus limiting the the brains healthy response to dealing with stress which could in turn lead to a magnitude of mental health issues.
So I urge you all to dedicate a part of your week to switching off. Like the saying goes work hard play hard and live a life of balance, this applies to exercise, diet, work, social life, social media the lot.

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