10 Feb 2015

Fingertip Therapies

Hi all hope you're all well. The past weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to the opening of 'Fingertip Therapies' a family run health agency in the picturesque countryside setting of the North East of England.

Being a fellow business owner I'm all for supporting local start ups and spreading the word best way possible through word of mouth. They cater for all aspects of massage therapies to suit your own special needs and requirements.

From being at the opening you get a real sense of the personal touch and that they really are providing a facility for the community. I've been in the situation myself where you enter a gym for the first time and can be overwhelmed by it all, you don't get that at all here, its a welcoming personal environment one in which I am keen to take full advantage of. God only knows I need to take care of these limbs of mine they're not what they used to be.

So if you are in the region and are in need of physical therapy with a personal touch do check them out.

Till next time......

Fingertip Therapies
1A Durham RD
Annfield Plain

01207 530053